and L3Harris Geospatial to enhance real-time risk and disaster monitoring

By Mayday L3Harris, Mayday's AI fusion engine, real time risk and disaster platform Comments Off on and L3Harris Geospatial to enhance real-time risk and disaster monitoring, a German-based provider of real-time risk and disaster intelligence, covering multiple disasters and all geographic regions is leveraging L3Harris Geospatial cutting-edge technology to enhance its real-time risk and disaster monitoring capabilities.

ENVI and ENVI SARscape provide access to the leading technology stacks of the spectral high-resolution imagery and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) domain. The products of L3Harris and sarmap SA, help to create and ingest additional information products into’s solutions portfolio., which has demonstrated a successful fusion of deep learning models and automated workflows, will integrate the ENVI SARscape created layers into its agnostic AI engine. This will further enhance the company’s platform, which today already includes real-time 3D visualisations and “before-after” analytics, and enable additional real-time environmental and risk intelligence services.

It is a true pleasure of working together with innovative companies such as Mayday, which have developed in record time impressive analytical capabilities as well as setup strategic alliances. is on track to become an integral part of the real-time emergency response and early-warning community. We are proud that L3Harris’s ENVI and SARscape can contribute to Mayday’s mission tackling natural and human-made disasters.” outlined Dr. Emlyn Hagen, Senior Manager, L3Harris Geospatial Solutions GmbH.

We are pleased to introduce this new partnership which will provide additional and new perspectives to our various user groups. downstream services will provide unprecedented visibility for all stages of natural and human-made disasters, as well as risk profiles in other areas of interest. This new development and recognition by an industry leader such as L3Harris Technologies is a further testament to our innovations and pioneering efforts across the globe, which have been supported and nurtured by partners like the NOAA, ESA, DLR and ESRI. ” said Kian Mirshahi, CEO and Founder of

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