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  • Real time
  • Highly accurate
  • Multiple disasters
  • All geographic regions

Mayday is ESG-compliant and it directly supports 10 from 17 SGD goals.

First responders


Insurance industry

Environmental monitoring

Policy makers and first responders

Mayday was principally built to meet the highest performance and reliability standards, required by governments, development and humanitarian aid organizations, first responders and corporates.

Our developments have been reviewed and supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Mayday’s solutions provide unprecedented insights for risk and disaster management. They enable a focus shift from reaction to risk reduction and directly support the implementation of the Sendai Risk Framework.

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If disasters nevertheless happen, Mayday provides to services relevant insights required for early containment of disasters.

Mayday’s AI fusion engine detects events as they happen. The common operating picture helps keeping an overview and supports the coordination of services on the ground. Data sources and layers can be integrated easily to provide maximum visibility.


  • Broad range data sources, including proprietary user data
  • On-demand services (e.g. high-res and drone imagery)
  • Industry-first approaches for real time detection
  • Fully user-centered visualization and reporting
  • Two-way communication mobile app and wearables for civilians
  • Community-centred feeds


To mention the democratization of data, faster reactions, full control of all sites globally more affordable

Mayday is a game changer for risk and disaster management. Insights which were until recently reserved for governmental institutions only and were too often communicated late are now available to Mayday’s customers in real time. We believe in the democratization of risk and disaster intelligence and empower enterprises to directly protect their people and assets.

Our technology allows a surgical monitoring of industrial sites that involves ingestion of proprietary data layers, like CCTV imagery. A number of configured and self-serving dashboards ensure that nothing is overlooked. This is complemented by field service functionalities which seamlessly tie in with existing enterprise systems

But Mayday is way more than SaaS. Mayday’s 24/7 operation acts as an extended arm of corporations, enriching Mayday’s technology, with excellent hardware infrastructure and skilled staff on the ground. Mayday 24/7 is the best compromise between the highest performance and reliability standards, as well as costs.


  • Focused site monitoring
  • Additional data layers (i.e. from CCTV cameras)
  • Field service modules
  • Organization-centered dashboards
  • Easy integration into enterprise systems
  • 24/7 operational center
  • Supply-chain risks analytics

Insurance industry

Mayday is all about risk reduction. By blending technology and next-generation risk management, Mayday gives its (re-)insurance customers a competitive edge. Modeling provides high levels of granularity, it is up-to-date and automatic.

Overall, Mayday empowers insurers to take action and supports a partnership between insurers and individuals. Mobile-first solutions and two-way communication features tailored to the insurance industry allow insurance companies to act as a caring partner and provide to civilians information and guidance for risk prevention.

Hi resolution imagery allows rapid mapping and in-depth damage assessments as disasters evolve. Moreover, Mayday modules enable smooth insurance claim processing and payouts with minimal processing times, also in geographic areas with sub-optimal infrastructure.


  • Real-time and historical risk data
  • Asset integration
  • Dynamic modeling at a high level of granularity
  • High resolution imagery for impact assessment
  • Risk audits with prevention guidance for civilians
  • Add-on modules for insurance smooth claim processing and payouts, also covering developing countries

Environmental monitoring

Man-made or natural, Mayday provides real time intelligence for detection and monitoring of environmental standards. A common operating picture allows highly targeted action when and where it is needed. On-demand services comprising high resolution drone imagery allows in-depth impact assessments and forensic analytics.

Mayday’s approach takes a holistic and interdisciplinary view on the world. Where effects of disasters and other environmental changes quickly perpetuate across geographic regions and domains, Wildfires in one part of the world lead to air pollution on the other side of the globe. Rewilding measures against heat waves supports decarbonisation.

Mayday connects the dots, provides relational insights and suggests punctual and structural measures for preserving environmental heritage and a more sustainable living.


  • Real time environmental hazard detection and monitoring
  • In-depth impact assessment
  • Forensic analytics
  • Spatial network analyses of environmental changes
  • Prescriptive AI for environmental planning