and Picogrid are joining forces for risk and environmental monitoring with mobile & AI-enabled sensors

By Mayday Mayday's AI fusion engine, mobile sensors, Picogrid, real time risk and disaster platform, strategic partnership Comments Off on and Picogrid are joining forces for risk and environmental monitoring with mobile & AI-enabled sensors a provider of real-time risk and disaster intelligence from Germany, formed a partnership with Picogrid, a California-based computer perception company solving physical security for large-scale infrastructure.

Mayday operates an industry-leading platform for monitoring risks and disasters in real time, and covering multiple disaster types and all geographic regions. The company’s proprietary AI fusion engine processes a high number of data sources – airborne and ground sensors, ranging from 37,000 kilometers above the sea level to the bottom of the ocean. Users of Mayday’s platform benefit from actionable insights and a holistic Common Operating Picture (COP), which can be event-, community- or location-centric.

Picogrid develops and deploys sensors and control equipment for ground-based site monitoring. The equipment is designed for use in remote locations and under extreme weather conditions, and through its portability, also for deployment in a location-agile manner. Picogrid’s built-in detection of irregular events sends alerts to the relevant teams within seconds.

Through this partnership, Mayday’s user groups will be able to benefit from an additional layer of service, allowing them to continuously monitor vast remote areas and critical infrastructure within Mayday’s platform. The AI-enabled insights will provide for exhaustive and continuous disaster management and environmental monitoring with unprecedented visibility and reduced costs, compared to the solutions currently available on the market.

We are truly impressed with Picogrid’s innovations and see them as a natural fit for our agnostic AI engine and downstream services. As we launch our various global services, we see uses of mobile sensors in areas which traditionally have not been visible or accessible as a big value differentiator. And will contribute significantly to our conscious AI capabilities. Our vast array of satellite feeds will work with many ground sensors to continue to provide unprecedented visibility throughout the life cycles of events, as well as help with reaching the United Nations Sendai Framework targets.” said Kian Mirshahi, CEO and Founder of

“Our missions intersect at scanning critical infrastructure for potential threats and environmental trends. We are excited to partner with Mayday to increase our reach globally. We will provide another layer of data for Mayday’s far-reaching coverage,” noted Martin Slosarik, Co-Founder of Picogrid.

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